UBC GW astrophysics group research continues remotely

The UBC gravitational-wave astrophysics group has been researching remotely since March 16, 2020. Zoom and slack have been invaluable tools to keep us connected with each other and with our colleagues in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, as well as Virgo and KAGRA.

Robert Beda, a UBC student studying Mathematical Physics, has remotely joined the group for the summer working on LIGO detector characterization research.


The UBC GW astro team holding a weekly group meeting on zoom.

The group congratulates members Katie Rink and Maryum Sayeed for graduating from UBC with their Bachelor’s degrees in June 2020! Katie will be continuing her work on detector characterization with the group through the summer and transition to a graduate program at UMass Dartmouth. Maryum will be using her physics and coding skills at a new job.


The UBC GWs astro group virtually celebrate’s Maryum’s last group meeting before starting her new job after graduation.

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